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June 30, 2021  |   4 min read

The use of some cancer biomarkers is a well-established practice, but the latest advances in high-throughput sequencing and multi-omic analysis are driving biomarker discovery and validation to new frontiers. Here, we look at the classification of biomarkers and the current trends and obstacles in their discovery and validation process.

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    June 23, 2021   |   1 min read

    At Audubon, we have made it our mission to raise awareness of the importance of biospecimens for future life-saving therapies. Therefore, it is a great step forward that our actions attract attention from investors and tech business media. This is reflected in the success of our crowdfunding campaign and the recognition of a tech online media platform of biobanking and, in particular, of Audubon's actions as one of the three major biotech trends revolutionizing medical research.

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    June 17, 2021   |   5 min read

    While essential to biomedical research advancement, biospecimen procurement is also a complex process involving the well-coordinated efforts of various players. We strongly believe that achieving a productive and seamless workflow requires a deep understanding and awareness of the biobanking process by all involved parties. In this article, we look deeper into the crucial role medical staff play within the process and some of the key aspects they oversee.

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