FFPEs or Frozen Tissue – How to Choose Between Their Pros and Cons?

Stained tissue sections in front of a microscope

  Following biopsy analysis, preserved tissue samples are usually collected in hospital-associated biobanks, research centers, or private companies supporting biomedical research. Such human-derived biospecimens display unique storage capacities for disease-relevant molecular information. Therefore, they are an invaluable source not only for patients diagnosis and choice of treatment but also for the advancement of innovative biomedical…

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How to Choose the Right Biospecimen for Your Study?

December 2, 2020 When deciding on working with human biospecimens, it is essential to choose the type and format that best fits your project’s final goals. The type of materials (solid tissues/biofluids) and the format in which they are isolated and conserved will define the downstream applications they suit 1. The various types and formats…

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