Frequently Asked Questions

Find frequently asked questions and learn everything you need to know about our services.


Donor information is strictly anonymized and includes de-identified clinical history and demographic data. Upon request, custom inclusion and exclusion criteria can be added and specific information can be collected for tailored projects.

The quality of all tissue biosamples is assessed upon collection by a pathologist, who evaluates the tissue sample quality. The viability of all cell collections is measured upon isolation and only vials with at least 95% viability are kept and stored. Audubon Bio guarantees at least 60% viability after proper thaw. Upon request, we can include specific quality criteria for your collections.

Ethics and Compliance

Yes. We only work with sources that have the required IRB/ethical approval in place for that country and have informed donor consent. We carefully vet each new source in our network.

Shipping and Logistics

Yes, we have expertise and experience in organizing shipments of samples in dry ice or in LN2 vapor phase containers. We can arrange shipments according to your specific needs.

Our global network of  100+ hospitals (USA, Europe, Asia, Africa) allows us to offer our clients high quality biological samples and de-identified clinical data for a wide range of indications.

About Audubon

Our goal is to maximize the impact that every biospecimen has on the advancement of biomedical research and development.

Ethics and Compliance

We adhere to the highest ethical and compliance standards, providing specimens that are collected in accordance with all applicable local and international laws.

Shipping and Logistics

Our worldwide shipping services ensure intact delivery of your biospecimens.