FFPE and frozen tissue are used to study solid tissue samples.

FFPE Tissue Samples

The classic format for human tissue preservation allowing easy long-term storage of crucial biomedical information.

Human FFPE Tissue Samples

Formalin-fixed paraffin-embedded (FFPE) human tissue samples are the golden standard for histologic analysis of surgically removed tissues and a critical source for biomedical research.

  • Oncology: Breast, Prostate, Liver, Lung, Normal Adjacent Tissue (NAT)
  • Rheumatology: Synovium
  • Dermatology: skin cancer tissue (basal cell carcinoma, squamous cell carcinoma, melanoma), psoriasis lesions

Tissue Collection

FFPE tissue blocks and stained tissue sections

FFPE Tissue Formats

Unless specifically requested, our collections are composed by standard sized FFPEs of 1x1x0.5cm allowing the generation of at least 200 x 4-5µm cuts. All FFPE tumor tissues have high tumor content and low necrosis. Variations in these parameters could occur based on the nature of the disease, tissue type and tumor heterogeneity.

Each FFPE block is accompanied by detailed clinical information and pathological data.

quality control (H&E staining) is performed on 100% of FFPE samples by a pathologist.

Laboratory Services for FFPE Tissue

Upon request, Audubon Bioscience can provide additional testing of FFPE blocks which include:

  • Extended pathology review with a description of the requested features of the tissue
  • Preparation of stained/non-stained histological slides (regular and adhesive slides)
  • Preparation of serial tissue sections
  • Preparation of tissue curls/scrolls
  • Digital pathology images of micro specimens
  • Immunohistochemical testing of different levels of complexity
  • Molecular-genetic analysis (FISH method)
  • Gene mutation analysis by PCR or NGS
  • Flow cytometry
FFPE tissue block and H&E stained slide

Shipping of FFPE Tissues

Our FFPE tissue samples are stored and shipped at room temperature.

We take extra care when organizing our shipments to ensure that your FFPE samples will arrive to you at their best condition.

We are committed to organizing your collections and delivering your samples in the most convenient manner for you and we take into account any specific requirements you might have.

Request a Quote

Contact us to discuss your specific project requirements or to request a quote for an FFPE tissue sample.

  • Ethically sourced
  • Extensive clinical history and follow up information
  • Comprehensive pathology report
  • Laboratory service support

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