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Become our partner. Every biospecimen takes all of us one step closer to a better understanding of disease genomics and pathology thus directly impacting and expanding the development of critical diagnostics and essential therapeutics.

Urgent Need for Biospecimens

With the advent of sophisticated molecular techniques like next-generation sequencing (NGS) and multi-dimensional flow cytometry, the biomedical research community is able to find new important biomarkers and make each life sciences discovery much faster. Understanding exactly how much variation is “normal” and which differences define disease requires analyzing samples from a large number of individuals.

This shift in how patients are treated on an individual basis is why precision medicine researchers need your help!

By partnering with Audubon, you can help your patients make a difference for the future management of their disease. All it takes is a small donation of tissue or biofluids.

Help your patients help others and partner with Audubon. Get started by contacting us.

NCI's Patient Guide to Donation


Personalized Medicine - Opportunities, Challenges and the Future

Audubon partners with CTOAM.

Find Out How Precision Oncology Can Help You Beat Cancer

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NCI's Patient Guide to Donation


Personalized Medicine - Opportunities, Challenges and the Future

Audubon partners with CTOAM.

Find Out How Precision Oncology Can Help You Beat Cancer

Why You Should Partner With Audubon

Advance Medical Discovery

Accelerate the discovery and development of new diagnostic and therapeutic options.

Empower Patients

Improve patient wellbeing by giving them a way to help others with the same disease

Cover Operational Costs While Making a Difference

Convert medical waste into a revenue stream that also drives biomedical advances.

Bringing New Treatments to the Clinic

Here are just a few examples of life-saving therapies and diagnostics developed through the generous donation of biospecimens from patients like you

  • New biomarkers discovery and validation
  • Unraveling disease resistance mechanisms
  • Successful drug and therapy combinations
  • New target identification

Research We Support

We provide biospecimens for leading organizations, including the US National Cancer Institute (NCI) and US Center for Disease Control (CDC), top pharma and biotech companies, as well as small and mid-sized start-ups.

We strongly support the research of autoimmune disorders by providing specimens from Diabetes type 1 and 2, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Psoriasis, Inflammatory Bowel Disease and many other conditions to leading industry, academic and governmental organizations.

With the increased incidence of viral outbreaks we are witnessing today, including the Covid-19 pandemic, samples from patients affected by infectious diseases are precious and an indispensable tool for the protection of public health. We are committed to provide such specimens and to support vaccine and therapeutic development.

Neurological disorders affect human wellbeing and quality of life on a global scale. By providing specimens from donors affected by such pathologies, we support the work of public and private institutions with the goal of identifying better biomarkers, revealing diseases’ molecular mechanisms and finding better treatments.

Patient Stories


Two years after being diagnosed with stage IIA Hodgkin’s Lymphoma and two unsuccessful rounds of standard chemotherapy, today Kerryanne is doing well thanks to targeted therapy.


Damian is a stage III metastatic colon cancer patient, who is feeling much better thanks to a  targeted treatment.


Anna is an ER/PR positive stage IV breast cancer patient on the way to recovery thanks to personalized treatment.

Research Articles

Check the latest scientific research published in the field of tissue procurement and relevant disease areas.

Ethics and Compliance

We adhere to the highest ethical and compliance standards, providing specimens that are collected in accordance with all applicable local and international laws.

For Patients

If you are a patient interested in contributing to biomedical research, this page is dedicated to you.