Boost Your Research with High-Quality FFPE and Other Samples while Maximizing Return on Your Remaining Year-End Budget!

Accelerate your research while saving time and money with exclusive discounts on our procurement services for banked FFPE tissue samples. Choose from the already available inventory of matched and unmatched tissue blocks with associated data to meet your research needs.

Order BEFORE Dec. 15th and enjoy up to 25% discount for our procurement services.

These Annotated FFPE Tissue Samples and Blood Derivatives are Available from our Biobank Immediately:

Sample Type Short description Diagnosis/Organ
FFPE Thousands of ready-to-ship FFPE specimens from both archive and prospective/consented collections. The collection also includes specimens <5 years old, with matched tumor and normal-adjacent tissue sets. Wide range of solid tumor cancers, including matched tumor and NAT specimens.
Blood Derivatives (Plasma, Buffy Coat) Blood derivatives from hundreds of donors' pre-treatment volumes spanning more than two dozen cancer types. Specimen volumes range from 1.5ml to 15mL. Pre-treatment Oncology & Hematology.
Blood derivatives (Serum and PBMCs) Both matched and unmatched serum and PBMCs from Covid-19 positive donors, including IgG and IgM testing results. Covid-19 positive donors

Additionally, we offer FREE SHIPPING for all promo orders covering our services for at least 50 FFPE blocks.

Why use Audubon's biosample procurement services?

  • IRB Approved
  • Ethically sourced
  • Compliant with data protection legislation
  • Quality-reviewed in accordance with industry standards
  • Covered by Audubon’s Quality Guarantee

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Audubon Bioscience is a services provider in the area of collection, handling, processing, and transferring of samples and associated data. Samples and associated data are to be used solely for research purposes (scientific studies for advancing the treatment, diagnostics, and/or prevention of diseases, excluding transplantation or use of samples in human subjects). Audubon Bioscience provides services in accordance with national and international applicable laws and regulations.