The progress and promise of biomedical research is reliant on high-quality human tissue samples.

Choose the right tissue format

Audubon Bioscience provides high-quality human tissue samples from various pathological conditions and in the format best suiting your research project's purposes.

  • Oncology: Breast, Prostate, Liver, Lung
  • Benign tumor tissue
  • Normal tissue, normal adjacent tissue
  • Custom collections
FFPE tissue block and H&E stained slide

Downstream Analytical Services

We further support your projects by providing additional downstream analytical services. 

  • Tissue sectioning/scrolls
  • Histological (H&E) staining
  • Extended pathologic review
  • Immunohistochemistry
  • Molecular genetic analysis
  • Accompanying dataset

Custom Matched Sets

Sometimes understanding a disease mechanism or identifying a new biomarker requires more than one type of biospecimen. Therefore, we offer the possibility to custom match your tissue collections with the donor’s blood or other biofluid samples.

Biofluid Custom Matched Sets

Custom Tissue Procurement

We listen and adapt to each client’s research project. We will organize prospective custom collections according to the specific needs of your projects.