Biofluid Custom Matched Sets

Matched Biospecimen Sets

Increase the depth of your research with our matched biospecimen sets opportunities.

Optimize Your Research Opportunities

We understand the need for optimal comprehensiveness of your research and we can support you with our flexible matched sets capabilities.

Matched Tissue Sets

Pair your FFPE, flash frozen or fresh tumor tissue samples with a sample of normal adjacent tissue (NAT) or metastatic tissue from a single donor.

Matched Tissues and Biofluids

Pair your FFPE, flash frozen or fresh tissues with peripheral blood or other biofluids from a single donor.

Matched Biofluids Sets

Increase the depth of your research by matching your whole blood samples with bone marrow or any other biofluid from the same donor.

Cell Products Matched Sets

Cell isolations can be matched with a relevant biofluid or tissue sample from a single donor.

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Contact us to discuss your specific project requirements or to request a quote for matched sample sets.

  • Ethically sourced
  • Extensive clinical history & follow up information
  • Standard collection protocols
  • Custom storage and shipping

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