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Fresh Frozen Tissue

The tissue preservation format of choice for a broad selection of analytical purposes.

Flash Frozen Tissue - Intact Biological Preservation

We support the advancement of your research by offering high quality flash frozen tissue samples from a wide range of normal and tumoral tissues.

Tissue Collection

Flash frozen tissues are non-fixed post-surgical tissue samples frozen in liquid nitrogen (LN2). This method allows great structural and biochemical preservation of the tissue and is the format of choice for a majority of downstream analysis.

All samples are collected under IRB approval and are prepared in strict accordance with our established processing protocol. Quality control by a certified pathologist is performed on all samples.

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Flash Frozen Tissue Formats

Unless specifically indicated, standard frozen tissue samples weigh between 0.5-1.0 grams. Frozen cancer tissues have the percent of tumor  nuclei and tumor necrosis content verified by a pathologist.

Tissues can be frozen by submerging in LN2 or in Optimal Cutting Temperature (OCT) media. Flash frozen samples are stored at temperatures between -140°C and -180°C in the vapor-phase of LN2.

Laboratory Services for Flash Frozen Tissue

We can further support your study by assisting you with the downstream analytical process.

Scientists are using biospecimens in their translational research.

Shipping of Flash Frozen Tissues

From excision to storage and shipment, we guarantee high quality of our fresh frozen specimens by handling them with care and avoiding all possible intermediate thawing events.

Frozen samples are shipped on dry ice to avoid thawing and to ensure samples will be delivered at their best quality.

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  • Ethically sourced
  • Extensive clinical history and follow up information
  • Comprehensive pathology report
  • Laboratory service support

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