Supporting Your Research With Ethically-obtained Biospecimens

At Audubon Bioscience, we have defined and adopted a strong bioethics policy including implementation of state-of-the-art procedures that enable us to achieve the highest ethical standards in all of our operations.

  • Biospecimens are fully consented, even for commercial product and service development
  • Samples are collected under Institutional Review Board and Independent Ethics Committee (IRB/IEC) approved protocols
  • All IRBs and IECs operate in accordance with local regulations, including ICH, HIPAA, and GCP
  • Personal information is processed in compliance with the applicable data protection legislation
  • Ethical standards are consistent with the guidelines of the World Health Organization and ISBER

Compliance Practices that Protect the Patient

We collect every sample under protocols approved by an Institutional Review Board or Independent Ethics Committee (IRB/IEC), and ensure that strict ethical guidelines are followed to protect patient confidentiality and safety.

Each sample has the patient's consent for use in a wide range of research including the development of commercial products and services. The samples are de-identified to ensure an unbiased assessment as well as patient confidentiality.


Commitment to Quality

At Audubon, we recognize that every biospecimen is a generous donation from a patient. It is our mission to honor both the patients and research with a commitment to biospecimen quality from the moment the sample is collected to when it reaches the researcher’s facility.

  • Defined criteria for sample size, volume, metrics and appearance
  • Diagnosis confirmation from board certified pathologists
  • Quality specimen storage and handling conditions and procedures
  • Established technical policies and procedures
  • Accurate and ethical data handling
  • Audubon Certificate of Quality and delivery guarantee

Need additional information?

If you’d like more information on our ethics policy or any of our collection procedures, please contact us.

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Our goal is to maximize the impact that every biospecimen has on the advancement of biomedical research and development.

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