We are looking for skilled and motivated professionals to join our globally positioned teams, share values and meet goals while accelerating the field of biomedical research.

Current Openings

Position Department Location
Director of Strategy and Investor Relations Investor Relations Houston, USA
Project Coordinator Operations Istanbul, Turkey
Key Account Manager Client Engagement Kyiv, Ukraine
Junior Project Manager Operations Tbilisi, Georgia
Poland Country Manager Operations Wroclaw, Poland
Database Manager Operations Yerevan, Armenia

How to Apply

About Audubon

Our goal is to maximize the impact that every biospecimen has on the advancement of biomedical research and development.

Ethics and Compliance

We adhere to the highest ethical and compliance standards, providing specimens that are collected in accordance with all applicable local and international laws.

Geographical Locations

We have a network of 100+ clinical sites spread throughout the USA, Europe, Asia and Africa.