Cryovial with cells

Custom Cell Isolations

Primary cell collections customized to your specific needs.

Customize Your Cell-Based Research

We are committed to support your innovative projects by providing you with high-quality custom primary cell isolation from a variety of tissues and indications and following your specific protocols.

Samples Collection and Storage

All custom collections will be collected under IRB approval and in accordance with standard processing protocols.

The percentage of cell viability is verified before freezing and only vials with at least 95% viability are kept and stored at temperatures between -140°C and -180°C in vapor-phase of LN2. Audubon Bio guarantees at least 60% viability after proper thaw.

Custom Cell Collection Formats

Custom cell vials can be prepared with the desired cell concentration and freezing media of your choice.

Additional Laboratory Services

Upon request, we can support your projects with downstream analysis of the isolated primary cells according to your protocols.

Pipetting cell media in a tissue culture hood

Shipping of Custom Cell Collections

All cell samples are shipped in vapor-phase LN2. From isolation to shipment, we guarantee high quality of our cell collections by handling them with care and avoiding all possible intermediate thawing events.

We are committed to organizing your collections and shipment in the most convenient manner and we take into account any specific requirements you might have.

Request a Quote

Contact us to discuss your specific project requirements or to request a quote for a custom cell collection.

  • Ethically sourced
  • Extensive clinical history and follow up information
  • Standard collection protocols
  • Custom storage and shipping

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