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The global health-related biotechnology industry is expected to approach $1 trillion by 2028. The global biobanking industry, which fuels biotechnology R&D, is expected to reach $107 billion by 2028, with biospecimens procurement services constituting $69.5 bln.

Biobanking - Industry with Big Potential

Now is the time to invest in biobanking! According to “Grand View Research”,  a market research firm, the global biotechnology industry is expected to grow to a whopping $2.5 trillion and its health related segment to about $1 trillion in market value by 2028 1. The global biobanking industry, which fuels all of biotechnology R&D, is expected to reach $107 billion 2 by 2028, and the biospecimens procurement services market (where Audubon currently operates) will amount to  $69.5 billion by 2028 3.

With major advances in treatments, diagnostics, and research, this sector is revolutionizing medicine in many exciting ways. We invite you to become Audubon Bioscience’s investor and join us on this existing journey of becoming the best private biospecimens provider in the world.

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Who Are We and Why We Grow?

Audubon Bioscience - is a quickly growing innovative provider of biomedical research services, including biospecimens & clinical information of the highest quality. We started in 2016 and since then have grown to a global team of almost 100 specialists working with 120+ sites in 12 countries. Our global headquarters are located in Houston, TX, USA at the renowned Texas Medical Center Innovation Institute.

At Audubon Bioscience, our goal is to support cutting-edge cancer and precision medicine research to find new life-saving diagnostics and treatments. Quality biospecimens and their data are a critical part of achieving this goal, which is why we focus so much of our efforts on processes that ensure their viability and usability.


Increasing Demand for Biospecimens

Because the biotechnology industry is growing so fast the demand for biospecimens is great. By being able to quickly foster deep relationships with local clinics, first in Eastern Europe, then Africa and now in the US, we were able to quickly scale up Audubon’s operations. However, demand is still greater than the supply that we can generate. That is why our plan is to grow further into more countries (including Asia and more African countries) in order to satisfy that demand.


When investing in Audubon you:

Advance Medical Discovery

Join forces with an experienced team of biobanking professionals

Empower Patients

Enjoy exciting growth opportunities of the booming industry

Cover Operational Costs While Making a Difference

Invest in science-driven and growing global trend

Investment to Grow Further

Because the biotechnology industry is growing so fast (at a CAGR of approximately 15.7%, and will reach $2.5 trln. by 2028) the demand for biospecimens is greater than ever. We need investment to accelerate our growth and reach three main goals within the next 5 years:

  • Increase the number of sites we work with globally to 500+ sites by the end of 2026
  • Secure high quality of biospecimens and integrity of associated data
  • Launch our own e-platform in order to offer our services based on latest technologies available (including Machine Learning and AI)

Biospecimens collocation is heavily associated with data connected to it. In order to utilize the full potential of the data and how it is transferred to the final user (researchers), we aim to build our own e-platform by the end of 2022 - that would allow us to be ahead of the competition in many ways. This platform is also called to make the process for Clients ordering samples from us more convenient, orderly, and simple.

Another important area for which we need investment is Quality Assurance development. High-quality biospecimens are crucial in the race to be #1 in the biotechnology market.

All these investment needs, even though substantial, will allow us to grow to a level of revenue, where we can get ahead of the competition and also deliver a high ROI for investors in the future.


Why is it Worth Investing in Audubon?

At Audubon, we aim to do everything according to the highest ethical, quality, and integrity standards. We believe that we have gathered just the right team of experienced professionals in order to move our company further. Audubon’s team consists of 90+ professionals, 30 of them are medical doctors and 8 have PhD degrees.

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Ethics and Compliance

We adhere to the highest ethical and compliance standards, providing specimens that are collected in accordance with all applicable local and international laws.

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