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The Importance of Biobanking in Molecular Diagnostics & Drug Discovery

Biobanking is a rapidly evolving field that has become central to driving advancements in preclinical research and supporting drug discovery. Biobanks are repositories containing large collections of biological human samples, including tissue samples, blood, and DNA.1 These repositories provide scientists access to a vast array of biosamples for research, which are used to gain further insight…

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Significance of FFPE Tissue Samples in Preventive Genomics and Precision Medicine

Formalin-fixed paraffin-embedded (FFPE) tissues can play a transformative role in preventive genomics and precision medicine. Analysis of DNA and RNA are central to our understanding of disease and disease risk. With FFPE tissues, these biomolecules (and other essential characteristics) are available for scientists to study. The longevity of FFPE tissue samples and their long history…

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