Biomarkers US 2023: Summary Report & Major Highlights

Biomarkers US 2023 highlights & summary

The Biomarkers US 2023, a prestigious event that brought over 300 leading pharma, biotech, and academic delegates under one roof in San Diego, CA, concluded on October 13, 2023.  Several biomedical and top healthcare experts, researchers, and professionals in the field of biomarker research and development were in attendance. With over 65 presentations and case studies, the event proved to be an innovative forum for leaders in the industry to engage in insightful discussions on the role of biomarkers in improving overall healthcare and therapeutic outcomes. 

This event was hosted by Oxford Global, a pioneering knowledge hub, dedicated to producing cutting-edge congresses and summits for the Life Sciences Industry. Audubon Bioscience as a team, proudly participated as a Bronze sponsor, to showcase our dedication and commitment to supporting the advancement of biomarkers discovery and validation. 

The event featured several high-level discussions covering Biomarkers, Genomic Markers, Digital Biomarkers, CTCs & Liquid Biopsies, Flow Cytometry & Multiplex Tools, and more. There were also presentations on Precision medicine, a rapidly evolving field, that harnesses biomarkers to tailor medical treatments to individual patients. The event aimed to shed light on the latest research, technologies, and applications in these fields.

The event consisted of several key sessions that explored various aspects of biomarker research, development, and applications:

Biomarkers in Drug Discovery & Translational Sciences

This session explored the role of biomarkers in drug discovery and translational sciences. Speakers delved into how biomarkers are helping researchers identify novel drug targets, streamline drug development processes, and bring therapies to market more efficiently.

Presentations focused on topics like the qualification of biomarkers for translational studies, efficacy and PK/PD biomarkers in drug development, case studies in biomarker discovery and validation, the role of safety and efficacy biomarkers, assay development & validation, as well as, translational biomarkers from preclinical to clinical phase studies. 

networking at the event

Biomarkers for Clinical Development

According to our Audubon conference team, this session discussed the implementation of clinical biomarkers across Neuroscience, Rare & Infectious diseases, Nash, Oncology, Immunology & Cardiovascular disorders, and CGT. There were presentations on the process of moving drugs from preclinical to clinical development, transforming clinical development through biomarker-driven clinical trial design. 


One notable presentation was given by Sándor Szalma, Ph.D., Global Head of Genetics and Systems Biology at Takeda Pharmaceuticals. Mr. Szalma spoke about the use of genetics for patient stratification, in Parkinson's disease clinical trials. He also emphasized the concept of Polygenic Risk Scores (PRS) and phenotypic data, and their application to stratify Parkinson’s disease patient population to support clinical development. 

Biomarkers, Precision Medicine & Spatial Biology in Immuno-Oncology

With the rise of precision medicine, the session on immuno-oncology shed light on how biomarkers are revolutionizing cancer treatment. Researchers shared insights into spatial biology techniques, enabling a more comprehensive understanding of tumor microenvironments. 

Molecular Immunologist and Bristol Myers Squibb’s principal scientist, Shilpa Keerthivasan, Ph.D., spoke extensively on this topic, highlighting the biomarker strategies for predicting response to PD-1. 

Her presentation was backed up by the University of Texas Southwestern Associate Professor, Kareem Azab, who gave valuable insights on the role of 3D tissue-engineered bone marrow as a novel model for precision medicine In Immunotherapy. 


Day 1 of the event was wrapped up with panel discussions, workshops, and networking dinners. One of the panel discussions focused on “Clinical Diagnostics & Clinical Biomarkers” and emphasized the use of hypotheses from research settings & testing in clinical development. 

Biomarker Analysis & Emerging Technologies

Advancements in technology are continually reshaping the biomarker landscape. This session highlighted the latest innovations in biomarker analysis, such as single-cell analysis, AI-driven data interpretation, and other emerging technologies.

A major highlight of this session was our presentation titled "Evolving Biospecimen Procurement Strategies to Support Biomarker Discovery", delivered by our Client Director, Erik Uribe, MBA. Erik Uribe's presentation was a highlight of the event, shedding light on Audubon Bioscience's remarkable achievements. He shared a significant milestone - our ability to double the collection of matched biospecimen sets from 2020 to 2022, from 25.5% to 54.%.

matched sets

This achievement exemplifies Audubon Bioscience's commitment to advancing biomarker research by providing high-quality biospecimens to support groundbreaking discoveries in the field. Erik also emphasized the vital role biospecimens play in biomarker development, underlining the importance of precision and reliability in research and drug development.

Precision Medicine & Precision Diagnostics

Precision medicine is the future of healthcare. Experts discussed how biomarkers are paving the way for personalized treatments, diagnostics, and therapies that are tailored to an individual's unique genetic makeup and health profile.


The Chief Executive Officer of Kibur Medical Inc., Colin J.H Brenan also took the stage to speak on the identification of highly synergistic combinations between targeted agents and immunotherapies in breast cancer. He explained further the importance of targeted cancer therapies in blocking specific pathways for tumor growth and eliciting immune responses. “Combining these with immunotherapy may improve outcomes yet prioritizing combinations of agents and immunotherapies remains a challenge”, Brenan added. 

Exhibition Highlights

Audubon Bioscience's presence at Biomarkers US 2023 was notable. As a Bronze sponsor, we showcased our commitment and dedication to supporting biomarker research. Our exhibition stand drew the attention of industry experts, allowing attendees to experience firsthand the potential of our biobanking solutions for researchers, pharma companies, and biomedical VIPs. 


Emily Hubbard, B.S, US Operations Director of Audubon Bioscience, expressed her satisfaction with the event's success. "We are delighted to have participated in Biomarkers US 2023 and to be a part of the revolution in biomedical science and immuno-oncology. The event provided a great platform for sharing and gaining knowledge about biomarkers' role in shaping the future of healthcare."


Biomarkers US 2023 exemplified the growing significance of biomarkers in the world of medicine. As this field continues to evolve, it offers hope for more effective and personalized healthcare, improving patient outcomes and transforming the way diseases are diagnosed and treated.

As the event concluded, attendees departed with a sense of optimism, carrying the knowledge and inspiration to advance biomarker research and drive the healthcare industry toward a brighter, more personalized future.

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