ISBER 2023 Annual Meeting Summary and Highlights

ISBER 2023 Annual Meeting Hybrid Summary from Audubon Bioscience

The International Society for Biological and Environmental Repositories (ISBER) recently concluded its highly anticipated 2023 annual meeting themed, Come As You Are: Building Biobanking Bridges. This prestigious gathering brought together experts and professionals from the field of biological and environmental repositories to exchange knowledge, share best practices, and explore the latest advancements in biobanking and biosample management. Over the course of several days, the event featured a diverse range of sessions, workshops, and discussions, offering valuable insights and fostering collaborations. In this article, we will provide a comprehensive summary of the key events and sessions that made ISBER 2023 a remarkable success.

Advances in Biobanking Technologies

The meeting kicked off with a session focused on the latest technological innovations in biobanking. Renowned scientists and industry leaders showcased cutting-edge technologies that are revolutionizing sample collection, storage, and analysis. Key topics included the implementation of artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms for automated sample tracking, the development of novel preservation methods, and the integration of blockchain technology for enhanced data security. The session sparked engaging discussions on how these advancements can improve sample quality, increase efficiency, and accelerate research in various fields.

Ethical and Legal Considerations in Biobanking

Ethical and legal aspects are critical considerations in biobanking practices. This session delved into the complex issues surrounding informed consent, privacy protection, and data sharing. Experts shared their experiences in navigating ethical and legal frameworks to ensure the responsible and transparent use of biospecimens. According to our Audubon Bioscience conference team, the session involved thought-provoking discussions that revolved around maintaining patient confidentiality, obtaining consent for long-term sample storage, and establishing robust governance frameworks. There were emphases on the importance of ethical guidelines and collaborative efforts to build public trust and maximize the societal benefits of biobanking.

session at the ISBER 2023 Annual Meeting hybrid

Global Collaborations and Biorepository Networks

Recognizing the significance of international collaborations, this session focused on the establishment and growth of biorepository networks worldwide. Representatives from different continents shared success stories and challenges encountered while forming global partnerships. Discussions centered on harmonizing data standards, sharing best practices, and overcoming logistical hurdles in cross-border human biosample exchange. The session highlighted the role of these collaborations in driving research breakthroughs and promoting scientific solidarity.

Audubon’s Presentation on Biobanking in Challenging Environment

One of the highlights of the conference was Audubon Bioscience's oral paper presentation on "Biobanking during War: The Experience of Audubon Bioscience," delivered by Alexandra Giardina, Senior Operations Director for Audubon Bioscience. The presentation shed light on the unique challenges and experiences encountered by Audubon Bioscience during the recent Russian invasion of Ukraine and emphasized the resilience of the Ukrainian team in sustaining biobank activities in such situations. 

Alexandra Giardina's presentation elaborated on the methods adopted by Audubon Bioscience to ensure the safety and preservation of their biobank assets amid war. The strategies included careful planning, robust security measures, staff training, and collaboration with external organizations. Through detailed case studies and real-life examples, the presentation highlighted the resilience and adaptability of Audubon Bioscience in safeguarding vital biospecimens and how they can contribute to post-war recovery and research efforts. 

Audubon Bioscience conference team at the ISBER 2023 Annual Meeting in Seattle

Emerging Biobanking Challenges

The final session focused on emerging challenges faced by biobanks. Experts discussed issues such as sample heterogeneity, data management complexities, and the growing demand for diverse and representative sample collections. Presentations covered innovative approaches to address these challenges, including the use of advanced metadata frameworks, the implementation of high-quality control measures, and the integration of novel molecular techniques for sample characterization. The session provided valuable insights into the future of biobanking and the strategies needed to adapt to evolving research needs.


The ISBER 2023 annual meeting served as a dynamic forum for biobanking professionals to exchange knowledge, showcase groundbreaking research, and discuss the future directions of the field. With a focus on technological advancements, ethical considerations, and global collaborations, the event fostered a holistic understanding of the challenges and opportunities in biobanking. 

Audubon Bioscience's presentation on biobanking during war demonstrated the resilience and adaptability of the field, emphasizing the critical role biobanks can play in times of crisis. As the biobanking landscape continues to evolve, the ISBER annual meeting remains an essential platform for scientists, practitioners, and policymakers to shape the future of this vital scientific endeavor. 

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