How Medical Professionals Support Biobanking?

Overview of medical staff's role in biobanking


Medical professionals support biobanking by identifying, informing, and protecting the patients willing to donate biosamples to research. Biospecimen procurement relies strongly on all medical staff involved in the process of patient engagement and correct biosample collection. It is therefore, extremely important to understand, appreciate and raise awareness of the importance medical professionals have in correct bioscpecimen procurement and ultimately in novel diagnostics and therapies development. 

While being essential for innovative drug discovery, the biospecimen procurement process is complex and not well understood even by some of its key players - the medical and clinical professionals. 

As our actions are closely reliant on efficient communication with our clinical partners, we prepared this graphical representation highlighting the main topics that appear unclear to our partners.

In order to provide better understanding of the role medical staff in biobanking, we decided to place within the larger picture of the field. To do so we have created this material which outlines the biospecimens that are used in research, how and why they are so important, and the main research end-users and therapeutic fields that reply on biosamples. We further discuss the requirements biosamples need to comply with in order to be used for research purposes. And finally we close the overview by outlining theresponsabilities of medical staff and the crucial role they play in providing the right biosamples that will fuel reliable results and therapeutic solutions.

With this, we hope to deliver better visibility to the field of biospecimen procurement because we strongly believe that this is key in ensuring the high quality of our services and our mission: making life-saving therapies development faster, smarter, and affordable to everyone.

A downloadable file of the infographic is available below. If you wish to learn more, check our previous article on the topic or visit our page dedicated to the Clinics and Doctors.