Ukrainian Doctors Attend AACR and ASCO Annual Meetings 2023 with Audubon’s Support

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 [Houston Texas, May 15, 2023] — Audubon Bioscience, an innovative biomedical research services provider committed to advancing the landscape of cancer treatment by providing high-quality biospecimens and associated clinical information, proudly announces the next step in our strategic partnership with the Peace and Development Foundation to support Ukrainian doctors. 

This year we have supported some of the outstanding Ukrainian oncologists to attend the AACR Annual Meeting 2023 - the largest cancer research event in the world. It is the focal point of the cancer research community, bringing together scientists, clinicians, patients, etc., to share the latest advances in cancer science and medicine.  This year's event was held in Orlando, Florida from April 14 - 19.

Even though Ukraine has been torn by war these past 14+ months - doctors in this country continue to perform their duties treating patients every day, including those that are fighting cancer. 

In collaboration with the AACR Foundation and the Peace and Development Foundation, Audubon Bioscience co-funded a group of esteemed Ukrainian physicians to attend the AACR Conference and our teammates supported AACR leadership in conducting meetings for them. This initiative aimed to empower these Ukrainian healthcare professionals by connecting them with the best cancer centers and researchers in the United States, as well as to attend the conference and become aware of the latest developments in cancer treatment research.

Ukrainian delegates at the AACR AM 2023

By facilitating this unique opportunity, we enabled the Ukrainian delegation led by the Director General of the National Cancer Institute of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine, Olena Yefimenko, MD, to gain firsthand exposure to modern principles of oncology care, exchange ideas with leading experts, and establish valuable connections within the international oncology community. This collaborative effort not only contributes to the professional growth and development of these physicians but also fosters global knowledge sharing and paves the way for future breakthroughs in cancer treatment.

"We are glad to participate and exhibit our booth at the AACR Annual Meeting for the second consecutive year," said Rostyslav Semikov, CEO of Audubon Bioscience and co-founder of the Peace and Development Foundation.  "This unique platform allows us to connect with top-tier scientists, and foster global partnerships that are essential for driving innovation in cancer diagnostics and treatment. The AACR Foundation and Team very generously responded to a call to support Ukrainian physicians and patients suffering due to a terrible war. We are truly grateful. We all share a common commitment to advancing cancer research and ensuring access to the latest developments in the field further strengthening collaborative efforts in the fight against cancer globally."

Ukrainian delegates with Audubon's CEO

A more detailed review of the trip through the eyes of Ukrainian colleagues is available in this report on the website of the National Cancer Institute of Ukraine -

Support Ukrainian Doctors to ASCO Annual Meeting 2023

Furthermore, Audubon Bioscience continues its commitment to strengthening international collaborations in cancer research. Together with Conquer Cancer (the ASCO Foundation), our team supported a group of ten Ukrainian doctors to attend the upcoming ASCO (American Society of Clinical Oncology) Annual Meeting, which took place in Chicago, Illinois on June 2 – 6.

ASCO 2023


By joining hands with us, you can be part of this transformative effort to shape the future of cancer care and make a lasting impact on the lives of patients worldwide. Together, we can accelerate the progress towards a world free from the burden of cancer.

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