Audubon’s equity crowdfunding campaign attracts 150+ investors

Audubon's crowdfunding campaign on Microventures

New Orleans, LA - March 24th, 2021 - Audubon's equity crowdfunding campaign attacts over 150 investors in 3 weeks. 

Each young company or startup comes to a point in its life where working to facilitate quick growth requires some extra capital to be “infused” into the company's operations. For Audubon, where we have experienced quick growth in the past 4 years, that time came in early 2021 when we decided to partner with a company called MicroVentures (an Austin, TX based online equity crowdfunding platform) in order to start our own crowdfunding campaign to help finance our global expansion.

After thorough preparation and the launch of our campaign on March 2nd, 2021, Audubon Bioscience has seen a very good early interest with it. This interest has materialized in pledges from over 150 investors for more than $110,000 in just 3 weeks. Therefore, we have now decided to spread the word about it to a wider audience.

“For the first couple of weeks the campaign details were opened and communicated mostly among the MicroVenture's registered investors community, but now, we wanted to announce this to a WIDER audience. Today, I want to invite all those who are interested in investing into our growth, to back us up and become an Audubon early investor/backer. All you need to do is to register at the Microventures website and invest via our campaign page - “ - Maurice Cabirac, Audubon’s President and Co-founder, commented on the campaign launch.


Crowdfunding is the process by which a large number of individuals make small monetary contributions into a single pool, ultimately to help fund a new venture or project. You can find out more details about Audubon’s campaign at the campaign’s landing page at Microventure site: 

If you wish to know more on Audubon’s crowdfunding campaign, visit our investors dedicated page. If you need more comments from us, please contact our PR department at

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