Audubon celebrates 5th anniversary in Kyiv, Ukraine

Audubon Bioscience Team 5 Year Anniversary
Audubon's Team at 5th Anniversary Celebration

Kyiv, Ukraine - July 5th, 2021 - This summer Audubon Bioscience celebrates its 5th anniversary. It all started in the summer of 2016 in the Audubon area (hence the name of the company) of New Orleans, LA, where our CEO, Dr. Rostyslav Semikov, started his postdoctoral research fellowship at the Louisiana State University (LSU) Neuroscience Center. He and Cabirac’s family (two other co-founders) started the company by providing biosamples procurement services to various US clients from clinics in Eastern Europe. Since then the company has grown to almost 100 employees globally and partner’s sites in 12 countries in the US, Europe, and Africa.

Audubon celebrated 5 years in Kyiv

Last weekend our Eastern European team got together for a celebration of this first, but significant milestone in our company’s history. We gathered to team-build, listen to experts in various fields, discuss, analyse and DREAM about the future! It was a great time together! These two days, especially in the post-COVID world, presented a great opportunity for everyone to finally meet in person and enjoy each other’s presence and company. It was a great time together!

Audubon Bioscience 5 year anniversary seminar.

During this weekend we  learned a LOT from our outstanding  speakers. All sessions were both mind-opening and inspirational. Our special thanks go to Pavlo Sheremeta (a Former Minister of Economics of Ukraine, strategic advisor and renowned economist) and Vitaliy Shabunin (Head of the Board of Ukraine Anti-Corruption Center), who encouraged us to shift our perspective on what we do and what kind of organization we're building.

Anna Uzlova from "Inspiration Family" at Audubon's meeting

“A story of a person who lives with cancer” - was the name of one of the presentations. Everyone was inspired to hear it from Anna Uzlova, a triple negative breast cancer survivor (five  years in remission) and now a Director of the patients organisation “Inspiration Family”. Anna and her foundation focuses on advocacy and support for cancer patients in Ukraine.

For us at Audubon, patients come first. Therefore, we were very happy to have Anna among our speakers and learn more from her from the patient's perspective.

Rostyslav Semikov connecting to Audubon's Conferece Online

“We started five years ago with myself and other co-founders working basically from a garage in New Orleans. It is hard to believe how big Audubon has grown in such a relatively short period of time. However, I believe that with such a great team of professionals on board, we can accomplish immeasurably more within the next five years.” - said Rostyslav Semikov, Audubon CEO, when joining the celebration by video conference from Houston, Texas.

Overall, Audubon’s team had a wonderful time celebrating this important milestone, and we are now moving ahead with a fresh vision and motivation. Seeing our colleagues from other countries/offices around the world was the only thing that we’ve missed very much. We also immensely value our strategic partners Ukraine Bioscience and CSD Laboratory in Ukraine, who contributed to the event GREATLY and celebrated together with us.

You can view more photos from this event at the special photo album at our official Facebook page. Also below is a summary video of this event from our official YouTube channel :

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