Audubon launches interview series “Experts Talk” on its YouTube Channel

Audubon launches interview series.

Houston Texas, October 13, 2021 - Audubon Bioscience is announcing the launch of "EXPERTS TALK", an online interview series where we will be discussing important topics and trends in the field of biotechnology, precision medicine, and innovative drug development. Our goal is to give you a comprehensive understanding of this complex field and the crucial role of biospecimens in it. 

The purpose behind these virtual interviews is, first of all, for Audubon to be in close touch with key experts and to be as informed and relevant as possible to today's market's needs. And secondly, to deliver valuable and insightful content to all our partners. Those are the clinicians and doctors we work with around the world to procure patients' biospecimens ethically. As well as the biopharmaceutical companies and academic or governmental research institutions which use these biospecimens and their associated data in the process of new drugs and therapies development. 

"It has been our intention to start these discussions and make them available to our audience for a couple of months now," explained Andriy Shekhovtsov, Marketing Director at Audubon. "By defining the place of biospecimens within the diverse world of biomedical research and precision medicine, we believe that we can bring a better understanding of their role, better deployment, and ultimately better scientific results for a wider audience."

We decided to begin this series by presenting the bigger picture, the ultimate goal of modern biomedical research - personalized treatment. 

Audubon Bioscience is interested in this because the biospecimens we provide to scientists are a crucial element in this process. At Audubon, we put great efforts into raising awareness about the benefits of personalized treatments. Part of these efforts is reflected in our partnerships with leading organizations in the field. One of which is the Personalized Medicine Coalition, a US-based organization representing scientists, healthcare providers, and patients, advocating for better understanding and adoption of personalized treatments and raising awareness of their benefits to patients and healthcare providers. 

We are very glad to be kicking off the series with the Director of the Personalized Medicine Coalition (PMC), Dr. Edward Abrahams. "I'm excited to be here, and I'm also excited that Audubon Biosciences has joined our effort, and I look forward to working with you to further our common goal," said Dr. Abrahams.

Please SUBSCRIBE and watch all episodes of "Experts Talk" at our official YouTube channel. If you have any inquiries regarding the series, don't hesitate to reach out to our team!

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