Audubon announces the launch of the new website

New website_image

Houston, Texas - January 4th, 2021 - Today we would like to announce that we are finalizing work on our new website which will be launched in early February 2021. As our growth accelerated we realized that Audubon, as a company and as a brand, needed a new website in order to present a more relevant picture of “who we are” to the general public. This work is now entering its final stages.

The Audubon team has been meticulously working on the new website with the help of a partner - a marketing agency, who are experts in this field. “We hope that this website will highlight Audubon’s new face to all of our long term clients, as well as to those who are considering working and partnering with us” - commented Rostyslav Semikov, Audubon’s CEO.

“It will not only be a place on the web where one can read recent news about our company and get quick answers on frequently asked questions, but will also serve as a knowledge base and a source for useful materials. Through our blog section we will be regularly sharing interesting and useful information about the overall Biobanking industry and recent developments that we see globally. Anyone, even the public, can subscribe to our monthly newsletter and get updates from Audubon regularly” - mentioned Andriy Shekhovtsov, Audubon’s Marketing Director.

The final release date of the new website will be announced separately.

UPD: The website has been officially launched on February 5th, 2021 and will be continually developed into a fully functioning platform with the best content and product/service offering in the industry.

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