760 micro-investors invest ~$350K to support Audubon’s growth, as equity crowdfunding campaign with Microventures concludes

Crowdfunding in biobanking


Houston, TX - November 15th, 2021 - Earlier this year Audubon Bioscience partnered with Microventures, a Texas-based, online equity crowdfunding platform, to carry out a campaign to help finance our global expansion. Today, we are pleased to announce that this venture has concluded with an impressive sum of $348,465 raised from 763 investors.

With this being our first experience with crowdfunding, the initial goal was to raise $250K over a 6 month period. However when we saw that the demand was high we decided to increase the campaign cap. Since then, we have raised an additional $100,000 through September and October. The campaign was concluded upon reaching its final deadline on October 12th, 2021.

“The result of this crowdfunding campaign is yet another proof for us that the biotechnology industry at large, and biobanking sector in particular, are of quite high interest to even smaller investors. We appreciate their trust and will do our best for these investments to be multiplied with time.“ - said Marie Cabirac, Audubon’s Finance Director and Board Member, when commenting on the campaign's results.

Audubon expects to continue to grow to become the world’s best private biospecimen procurement company and to seek appropriate growth capital on an as needed basis in the future.

“Money that we have been able to raise through this campaign will be used for our operational expenses and hiring new personnel, which is so needed for our growth. This will also help us to strengthen our global operations and continue increasing quality standards that we are constantly working on.“ - added Rostyslav Semikov, Audubon’s CEO.

Note: Crowdfunding is the process by which a large number of individuals make small monetary contributions into a single pool, ultimately funding a new venture or project.

If you wish to know more on Audubon’s crowdfunding campaign or need to receive more comments from us, please contact our PR department at pr@audubonbio.com 

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