US Country Manager

based in Houston, TX / (or) New Orleans, LA


The goal for this role is to manage the company’s operations in the United States, including the accurate and timely execution of all feasible projects and related ongoing support and infrastructure building activities (i.e. establishing clinical sites, hiring sufficient personnel, biospecimen management, and project fulfillment to customers).

Job duties:

  • Act as Audubon Bioscience (AUD) business and legal representative in the US.
  • Lead AUD operations in the US with a persistent drive for positive outcomes across all work engagements and interfaces. 
  • Search and attract new partner clinics and doctors to support project demand and potential for future growth.
  • Search for and establish working relations with necessary support vendors and service providers (i.e. analytical/diagnostic labs, consumables suppliers, equipment maintenance providers, etc.).
  • Negotiate, consult, and act as AUD signatory on contracts with clinics, doctors, vendors, and service providers.
  • Develop and execute the yearly business plan (own P&L) for AUD US.
  • Train and ensure training process for local AUD staff, site staff, and medical personnel on AUD processes and project requirements as necessary for successful work and project fulfillment.
  • Oversee the coordination of all work, both delegated to clinics and sites and assigned to AUD company/staff ensuring the successful collection of biosamples and related documents and data as outlined in project requirements and AUD processes.
  • Ensure Regulatory and Quality compliance across AUD US operations. Collaborate with Quality and Legal/Regulatory departments and AUD leadership to achieve desired outcomes and compliance (includes obtaining necessary ethics approvals, operations, and quality certifications, and legal operating licenses for all aspects of project work and material handling).
  • Conduct financial planning and accounting for AUD operations in the US including maintaining accurate financial records and producing financial reporting as requested.
  • Make payments to vendors, service providers, clinics/sites, and doctors in an accurate and timely manner. Advise leadership of any potential challenges to financial expectations.
  • Ensure establishment, maintenance, and security of an up-to-date database of all US operations, including contacts, clinics, sites, doctors, vendors, executed and ongoing projects, financial transactions, certifications, ethics approvals, regulatory documents, licenses, etc. and prepare related analytical reports as requested.
  • Ensure successful local implementation of AUD processes, initiatives, systems, and e-systems, including acting as the local champion for larger initiatives. 
  • Make decision  on local headcount and need for new staff; when required, with the support of AUD Corporate office search for and hire new employees to ensure successful onboarding, including training and ongoing management and mentoring. 


  • Education in the field of medicine, pharmacology or biology.
  • Additional education in business areas is a significant plus.
  • Experience in the medical business with competencies in management skills and operational planning – at least 3 years in the position of manager.
  • Balanced ambitiousness and target-oriented approach. The desire for professional growth.
  • Excellent oral and written communication skills needed for negotiations, presentations.
  • Self-organization, creativity and analytical skills, ability to complete tasks on time.
  • Management and leadership skills (ability to distribute responsibilities, delegate authority).
  • Willingness to business trips within the US as needed.
  • Strong IT skills: knowledge of Windows, MS Office, and Google Suite.

The company offers:

  • Full time position in a fast growing business of biotechnology
  • Excellent professional and career opportunities
  • Open-minded executive management
  • Friendly and supportive team
  • Intellectually stimulating training from the best providers in biobanking field 
  • Attractive salary package and bonuses
  • Fully paid vacation and sick leave
  • Opportunity to combine work from office and from home

Qualified candidates interested in this position should send their resume via email to Natalia Sobetska-Koloda, HRBP ([email protected])